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Welcome to EagleArtGallery.com (also NameTrees.me).
  I am a Pen and Ink artist in Kannapolis, NC. This site is an online portfolio of my work. I've been drawing buildings, homes, and trees for 20 years. Please take your time to browse the site. After having this website for almost 7 years, I have to shut it down. I havent sold anything online in several years. I will still be available thru Facebook and may be able to redirect the site to my Facebook page. Thanks to all who believed in me.


This is a timelapse of my latest NameTree. It was drawn in 1 hr.

Prices for NameTrees are $50 for 8x10, and $75 for the larger 11x14. These will be original drawings, no copies.


  The Pilot Club of Kannapolis  started a fundraiser in 2007 selling Christmas ornaments, using my work. 
Below is a photo of The Gem Theatre Ornament.


  Limited Edition Prints ON SALE!


I have been drawing Kannapolis buildings since I was a child. It started when the old Montgomery Ward building was bing demolished. I had to draw it because I loved the architecture.
In 2005, I decided to draw Cannon Mills as it was being torn down. I had it printed the following year and many more came the next few years. You can now order them on the "Buy Prints" page. We have 5 to choose from and more to come in the future. You can use Paypal and you do not need a PayPal account!




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